Welcome to the Memorial Christian Counseling Center. We are dedicated to providing Christ-centered professional mental health care to those dealing with a variety of difficult circumstances. Life is difficult; Jesus himself said that in this life we would experience trouble. Trials can weigh you down, leading to feelings of despair, anger, sadness, and fear. Depression and anxiety are commonplace for many.

 Regardless of what led you to us, we hope and pray you will soon discover the answers and direction you seek. God has equipped our therapists with a heart to serve and a desire to come alongside you. They want to help you navigate through your difficulties and toward the healing and abundant life Jesus is leading you to.

The Memorial Christian Counseling Center provides counseling and support for individuals, couples, and families who seek transformation in their lives. Our licensed professional counselors stand ready to guide you through a combination of Biblical truths and proven clinical therapies to help you manage life's challenges.

To schedule an appointment or inquire about our services, please call (832) 649-3652, email [email protected], or click below. Our Christian counselors are centrally located between Spring Branch and Hedwig Village and serve the Greater Houston Area as well. We also offer virtual services so we can help anyone living in the state of Texas, no matter how far away you live!

We look forward to hearing from you.


Clinic Hours

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