Family Counseling

family conflict Beyond the common stressors of daily life, families can be especially impacted when they are going through a loss, a family member suffering from substance abuse, or parents going through a divorce. Teenagers experiencing behavior issues such as anger outbursts and siblings experiencing conflict also create unique challenges for families.

Our counselors at Memorial Christian Counseling understand and can help when problems arise. They offer family counseling in addition to individual treatment to help improve communication, restore relationship, and resolve conflict.

During counseling sessions, each member of the family is able to learn ways to communicate better, and develop techniques to de-escalate arguments while ensuring everyone is heard. Counseling can also help with parenting problems such as conflicting parenting styles, rule enforcement, and remaining consistent once the rules are established.                                                                                                                          In some instances, the sessions can heal emotional wounds in a short period of time.

When stressors are addressed and relationship is improved, families can rediscover hope                                                                                                                                        and the healthy family connections God designed for them.

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